The lovely Maddy organised a sensational first birthday party for her daughter Zara and has kindly agreed to share the event with us.

Zara’s Zoo Party was held on Saturday 7 May 2015 at their family home and was a huge success with many people still talking about the party a year down the track.

Maddy loves a good party and admits that she sometimes goes over the top to make something special for her little one, Zara’s Zoo Party is an excellent example of this.

The budget for this event was a few hundred dollars, and Maddy used a number of money saving strategies including:

  • The majority of the decorations and signs were DIY and the remainder were purchased through ebay;
  • Many family members contributed to the food for the party;
  • There was an animal amnesty where all the friends and family lent their soft toy zoo animals; and
  • The cake was packet cake with Betty Crocker ready made icing and a pack of zoo animals.

When asked what were the best and worst aspects of the party
Maddy said the best thing was that everyone made a huge effort to dress up in the zoo theme, and the worst thing was that the weather wasn’t the greatest but they made do.

Maddy’s advice for other mums or dads wanting to create a similar event was:

  • It’s all in the planning. Plan plan plan.
  • Get others involved in the preparation it’s fun and having helpers relives a lot of stress.
  • Delegate. I had heaps of people offer to make food and I took them up on it.