15225339_10154531016300465_1190490737_oThe beautiful Janessa from JEM Creative Design Co. shared a little information about the girl behind the business.

How, why and when did you first decide to start your business?

After years of doing graphic work for my job as a teacher, for my friends and for my friends businesses, I13669784_10155017082038496_1286599406351697656_nfinally took the plunge and started  JEM Creative. Being bored on mat leave will do that to ya!?  2.5 years, 2 babies and the addition of my darling sister later, here we are. A successful little online biz that is growing by the day. Inspired daily by the blessed feeling of being able to only work part time so that I can watch my boys grow.

What did you do before your started your business?

I was a teacher, and still am a teacher. Kindergarten has my heart and always will. Working part time next year and JEM-ming on my days (and nights!) off.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job/business?15302468_10154531015080465_1202454576_o

I adore seeing our pieces in people’s home – be it nursery prints or home art. Something special is seeing our birthday boards and their little babes photographed together – a lot of love and work goes into personalising those gorg boards!

What is your least favourite aspect of your job/business?

With JEM being 100% online (no bricks and mortar) I easily get distracted sending an email or checking a proof or posting a status when I should be playing with my boys, spending time with my hubby or sleeping. It’s all too easy having it at your fingertips these days, almost a curse!

If money wasn’t an issue what would your life look like?

The same, I don’t do it for the money, I do it for the love. I would still be a part time Kinder teacher creating art and personalised stationery for friends and families.

What does your world look like outside the business?15355591_10154576223250465_7711320100439403513_n

A crazy, chaotic mess of fun and love. Like I said I work 3 days as a teacher, one of those days as a Literacy staff aid. I am secretary on the boys daycare Board and I volunteer my time to all sorts of causes. I have 2 small boys, Elliott, 3, and Noah, 1, a darling hubby and energetic kelpie, Polly. We build car tracks from cardboard tubes, ride bikes to the park, dig for worms and make gingerbread in our down time.  Life is busy, but life is grand. We are all full of love (and lollies) and relish in our time together.

What do you enjoy doing in your ‘down time’?

I love designing.. I am actually having ‘time off’ while I write this, and all I want to do is design new lines…

What sets you apart from the other businesses/ business owners?1f7a3501

I am not a qualified graphic designer –  I am a teacher who loves to dabble in graphic art. I can do most things clients request at a much more affordable price than superstar designers who know their stuff inside out. I think what sets me apart most is that I am super generous with my time. I will work tirelessly on custom orders to ensure we get to the design that clients have in mind. It is my most common compliment, which is what I pride myself on.

What keeps you going when you want to give up?14333677_10154329643040465_3661063508551848583_n

Obvious and most accurate  answer is my hubby and boys, without a doubt. Buuuuttt… Spotify, coffee and chocolate also helps at 1am when I am ploughing through the order log.

Tell us something random or interesting about yourself that most wouldn’t know:

My two boys are named Elliott and Noah – and while we are massive SVU fans, I can say with full honesty that they were not named after Law and Order characters. Although, hubby says if we have another, Finn & Olivia are most definitely names on the vito list haha!

Favourite quote or piece of advice:

Be where you are.

You can find more information about JEM Creative Design Co here.