Noah's Ark Farm Friends Petting Zoo

Theatre Lane Canberra Australian Capital Territory 2601 AU
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Planning to host a petting zoo is easy, and you can bet it will be a hit!  We are a hands on petting zoo that comes to you…… featuring friendly, healthy and loved domestic farm animals.  Noah’s Ark is borne from a family that live on a farm and who know and enjoy animals, especially farm animals.

Our Canberra mobile petting zoo provides a SAFE, CLEAN enclosure to introduce our animals, plus give a FRIENDLY, EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINING close up encounter that your guests will never forget.  Our petting zoo is available to cater for many different types of clients and is able to visit just about any venue.  Ideal for corporate family days, junior schools, day care centres, retirement homes, market places, disabled members of the community, birthday parties and even shopping centres.  In fact, we can set up just about anywhere!  We can even visit you at your local park, or at the lake, or even in your own back yard.  Our events are always a success!

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