Dovesaway Dove Releases


We are Canberra’s First Professional White Dove Release Business, established in 2008.

Our Beautiful White Doves Bring a special touch of serenity to add an amazing visual ending to your ceremony.

Doves mate for life, they stay together forever, which is why they have been released for Centuries at Weddings to bless the couple.

You can choose to release 2 Doves by hand or from the Heart Basket. A flock of 12 is also available to be released by you or your family or bridal party.

We bring our doves to your wedding in their beautiful cage and hand them to you to release at the conclusion of your ceremony. The doves will fly up and circle above you a few times before heading straight home to our loft.

Our doves are free to fly in our huge garden surrounded by parkland, they also bathe every day on their own accord , therefore they aren’t locked up all day and are healthy and lice free.

We book out in Wedding season so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Please go to our website for more information and to view our large photo gallery

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