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Creative Flair is the Canberra wedding invitations specialist. With a showroom in Bonython which is open by appointment you can discuss your wedding or any other special event stationery needs. Packages are available.

We also design/make personalised candles (unity, baptism, christening, memorial), guest books, and decorative plates with a beautiful photo of your special day.

Call and make a time to be amazed at what Creative Flair can offer you.

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Amazing Invitations

1. I am providing a review for Creative Flair as a client. Ellen created my wedding invitations which perfectly matched the theme of my wedding. Ellen took the time to show me all the options in her amazing studio. There was so much choice, but after I described the theme, setting and colours, we narrowed it down. Ellen also provided chocolates for my bonbonaire.
2. As a photographer, Creative Flair asked me to photograph her amazing range. I can definitely confirm the quality and variety. They are not cheap and nasties from overseas and being a local Canberra company its easy to meet and have a chat 🙂
Kerry Sleeman, Kerry Sleeman Photography & Makeup

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