CaraVan Morrison Mobile Bar

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Theatre Lane Canberra Australian Capital Territory 2601 AU
0431 487 4180431 487 418

Behind the concept are two mogul chaps, Liam and Digby, who share a passion for craftsmanship across all disciplines, but mostly, a good tipple. Discovered in backyard suburbia Sydney, and after running a perilous gauntlet, Van Morrison had been brought back to life through layer upon layer of revelation.

As is the original caravan, many of the fixtures and fittings including the bar top, lights, cabinetry and ice wells have been thoughtfully recycled.

Now complete, Van Morrison can sufficiently supply tap and bottled beers and ciders, wine, champagne, soft drink, juice plus complete tea and coffee facilities.

Just like Sir George Ivan Morrison; Van Morrison exudes style, charm and character guaranteed to impress your guests!

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