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Under the Spotlight: Janessa from JEM Creative Design Co.

15225339_10154531016300465_1190490737_oThe beautiful Janessa from JEM Creative Design Co. shared a little information about the girl behind the business.

How, why and when did you first decide to start your business?

After years of doing graphic work for my job as a teacher, for my friends and for my friends businesses, I13669784_10155017082038496_1286599406351697656_nfinally took the plunge and started  JEM Creative. Being bored on mat leave will do that to ya!?  2.5 years, 2 babies and the addition of my darling sister later, here we are. A successful little online biz that is growing by the day. Inspired daily by the blessed feeling of being able to only work part time so that I can watch my boys grow.

What did you do before your started your business?

I was a teacher, and still am a teacher. Kindergarten has my heart and always will. Working part time next year and JEM-ming on my days (and nights!) off.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job/business?15302468_10154531015080465_1202454576_o

I adore seeing our pieces in people’s home – be it nursery prints or home art. Something special is seeing our birthday boards and their little babes photographed together – a lot of love and work goes into personalising those gorg boards!

What is your least favourite aspect of your job/business?

With JEM being 100% online (no bricks and mortar) I easily get distracted sending an email or checking a proof or posting a status when I should be playing with my boys, spending time with my hubby or sleeping. It’s all too easy having it at your fingertips these days, almost a curse!

If money wasn’t an issue what would your life look like?

The same, I don’t do it for the money, I do it for the love. I would still be a part time Kinder teacher creating art and personalised stationery for friends and families.

What does your world look like outside the business?15355591_10154576223250465_7711320100439403513_n

A crazy, chaotic mess of fun and love. Like I said I work 3 days as a teacher, one of those days as a Literacy staff aid. I am secretary on the boys daycare Board and I volunteer my time to all sorts of causes. I have 2 small boys, Elliott, 3, and Noah, 1, a darling hubby and energetic kelpie, Polly. We build car tracks from cardboard tubes, ride bikes to the park, dig for worms and make gingerbread in our down time.  Life is busy, but life is grand. We are all full of love (and lollies) and relish in our time together.

What do you enjoy doing in your ‘down time’?

I love designing.. I am actually having ‘time off’ while I write this, and all I want to do is design new lines…

What sets you apart from the other businesses/ business owners?1f7a3501

I am not a qualified graphic designer –  I am a teacher who loves to dabble in graphic art. I can do most things clients request at a much more affordable price than superstar designers who know their stuff inside out. I think what sets me apart most is that I am super generous with my time. I will work tirelessly on custom orders to ensure we get to the design that clients have in mind. It is my most common compliment, which is what I pride myself on.

What keeps you going when you want to give up?14333677_10154329643040465_3661063508551848583_n

Obvious and most accurate  answer is my hubby and boys, without a doubt. Buuuuttt… Spotify, coffee and chocolate also helps at 1am when I am ploughing through the order log.

Tell us something random or interesting about yourself that most wouldn’t know:

My two boys are named Elliott and Noah – and while we are massive SVU fans, I can say with full honesty that they were not named after Law and Order characters. Although, hubby says if we have another, Finn & Olivia are most definitely names on the vito list haha!

Favourite quote or piece of advice:

Be where you are.

You can find more information about JEM Creative Design Co here.


Zara’s First Birthday Zoo Party

The lovely Maddy organised a sensational first birthday party for her daughter Zara and has kindly agreed to share the event with us.

Zara’s Zoo Party was held on Saturday 7 May 2015 at their family home and was a huge success with many people still talking about the party a year down the track.

Maddy loves a good party and admits that she sometimes goes over the top to make something special for her little one, Zara’s Zoo Party is an excellent example of this.

The budget for this event was a few hundred dollars, and Maddy used a number of money saving strategies including:

  • The majority of the decorations and signs were DIY and the remainder were purchased through ebay;
  • Many family members contributed to the food for the party;
  • There was an animal amnesty where all the friends and family lent their soft toy zoo animals; and
  • The cake was packet cake with Betty Crocker ready made icing and a pack of zoo animals.

When asked what were the best and worst aspects of the party
Maddy said the best thing was that everyone made a huge effort to dress up in the zoo theme, and the worst thing was that the weather wasn’t the greatest but they made do.

Maddy’s advice for other mums or dads wanting to create a similar event was:

  • It’s all in the planning. Plan plan plan.
  • Get others involved in the preparation it’s fun and having helpers relives a lot of stress.
  • Delegate. I had heaps of people offer to make food and I took them up on it.

Welcome to the World Party

As some of you would know my husband and I had a beautiful baby boy in September. His name is Harvey and he is an absolute delight – we are so blessed.

I’m not a real girlie girl and I don’t enjoy baby showers as mums tend to want and talk about their horrible birth stories…so instead we decided that we would host a ‘Welcome to the World Party’ instead.  So two months after Harvey was born we got our family and friends together and we had a fun and relaxed BBQ at John Knight Park in Belconnen.

I bought the decorations from the cheap shops, I had a beautiful cake made by the
Talented Sarah from Little Miss Cupcake and all the food came from Costco.

One thing I highly recommend is to hire a photographer, not only do you get great event photos but we also got great family photos too that I used as Christmas presents.  We hired the very talented David Beach for our photos.

It was a beautiful day – I highly recommend Welcome to the World Parties!

Under the Spotlight: Lisa Walsch from Flowers With Love

We introduce to you the beautiful Lisa Walsch, owner of  Flowers With Love.

unnamedHow, why and when did you decide to start your business
I got asked by a friend if I would create the bouquets for her daughter’s wedding in 1993 and my business grew from there.

What did you do before you started your business
Prior to this I worked for three years or so at a nursery in Pialligo called Pialligo Plant Farm in the Dried Flower Shop. We ran very popular classes there and made stacks of wreaths and other dried floral creations.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of my businessfinishing
Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they receive my creations.

What is the least enjoyable aspect?
Getting rose thorns stuck in my fingers! OUCH!! They can sometimes be there for weeks.

What sets me and my business apart?
I offer a really personal service to me clients, (who sometimes become friends), helping out with anything as needed, which has included repairing one of my bride’s wedding dress for her a couple of hours before her wedding!

constructingWhat do I do in my down time?
I love gardening and find weeding can be quite therapeutic!

If money wasn’t an issue…
I think I would train and employ staff so I could take a back seat sometimes and head up to Qld a little more, which is where my partner’s family is from.

Something random…
I love nothing better than hoping on the back of the Harley with my partner, Jon when we are in Qld and cruising around on it!

Favourite piece of advice…
Be honest and kind. Treat others like you would like to be treated yourself and always give them a smile.

Advice to someone just starting out…
Follow your dreams, work hard, don’t give up and always keep on trying!

You can find more information about Flowers With Love here.

Under the Spotlight: Natalie Hill – Owner/Director of Poppies Wedding and Events

The lovely Nat Hill from Poppies Wedding and Events shares little about the girl behind the business.contactimage_rgb_dr

contactimage_rgb_drHow, why and when did you first decide to start your business?
Last Jan I wanted to do something different, something that could lead to being able to work for myself and something that allowed creativity.  I thought back to the times that I had enjoyed helping others and a common theme emerged, I love organising people and things, I get a kick out making sure events whether big or small run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. So I figured, since I had the business experience, project management skills that this was a good a time as any to plow ahead.

What did you do before your started your business?
I was/still am a Project Administrator, I’ve also managed and organised many corporate events as well as events for volunteer organisations.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job/business?
That’s easy seeing my brides and grooms relaxed, stress free and happy on their big day, that always without fail brings a smile to my face.

What is your least favourite aspect of your job/business?

If money wasn’t an issue what would your life look like? borneo-trip
I would probably travel and spend a couple of months at a time at different animal sanctuaries around the world, volunteering my time. Orang-utan’s in Borneo, Chimps in Congo, Penguins in South America, sloths etc etc I could go on and on…

What does your world look like outside the business?
Busy, I love trying new things so I’m always taking up a new hobby and learning a new skill. I’m currently studying for an Adv Dip as well as working and growing my business.

What inspires you?
People that give their all, and have fun doing it.

Favourite movie?
It has to be “Top Secret” I cant go past a corny comedy that is slightly left of centre.

What do you enjoy doing in your ‘down time’? fur-babies
Reading and chilling with my fur babies.

What sets you apart from the other businesses/ business owners?
I Listen! I also have a lot of life experience, I have travelled and met and worked with many cultures and people from many different walks of life. I’m not “locked” into one idea or style.

What is your big goal/dream?
To be able to bring in enough business to work the other job only 3 days a week.

What keeps you going when you want to give up?
My partner, his belief in me and his support no matter what hair-brained thing I might do next.

Tell us something random or interesting about yourself that most wouldn’t know. 535379_10151216873389350_1549252893_n

I am trained in MMA (think UFC), I played roller derby, I’m training to go to the World Masters in 2017 for Archery and I just took up Karate, I’m also trained to rescue, remove and relocate venomous snakes.    

What is your favourite quote or piece of advice:
“Old enough to know better, Young enough not to care” 

What single piece of advice can you give someone looking at starting a new business in the event industry?
Do it! but research first, have a solid plan and go for it.



You can find more information about Poppies Wedding and Event Planning here.

I Got Married!

Yep New Years Eve was our special day and we had such a great time.

As most of you would know I don’t normally write many personal posts but I just wanted to brag just for a little while on some of the amazing businesses in Canberra that help make our special day so amazing. One of the toughest decisions was who to use given I know so many amazing business owners in Canberra. Please know, if I could have used you all, I would have but unfortunately I’m not a millionaire (yet) and I’m pretty sure we didn’t need 25 celebrants or seven DJs!

So here is my list with comments:

Ceremony Venue: The Chapel at Gold Creek

How can you possibly go past this beautiful venue. Stan and Anna really make it easy for you too. We didn’t have a rehearsal but yet it still went off without a hitch. And we had all of the family photos there – so easy, so beautiful and they had air conditioning which was great for the 34 degree heat.

Transport: True Blue Wedding Cars

It was so easy and stress free dealing with these guys. The owner and driver of the red mustang, Warwick, was so lovely and patient while we went to locations for photos.

Celebrant: Steve Murray from Canberra Celebrants

Steve is such a relaxed and easy going guy. He even let me write most of the service- what a champion.

Photographer: Carmen from Forever Rose Photography

Carmen was an easy choice for me. I fell in love with her work as soon as I saw it at a Bridal Expo at Old Parliament House. Carmen is from Cootamundra but travels all around the country and I am so glad. She produces beautiful, natural photos but she is even more beautiful herself. We even got a sneak peak of a few of the photos in less than 24 hours- amazing!!

Reception Venue: The Burbury Hotel- Rooftop Terrace.

Beautiful views and the staff on the night were brilliant. They accommodated our creative requirements and even packed up for us after the event. The food was delicious and it was a grey view for the NYE fireworks.

Florist and Stylist: Lou from LGW Events.

I cannot recommend this beautiful person highly enough. I purchased all the bits and pieces from second hand shops (I’ll be selling all of these too if anyone is interested – it will save you weeks of searching for crystal and copper wares). Lou came to my house looked at it all and was so excited to use it all and make my reception look just like I had pictured it. She also went to the Sydney Flower market the day before the wedding because there were no flowers in Canberra at that time of year. And she set it all up for me! Lou is simply amazing and nothing is too much trouble for her.

Signage: Allira’s Inklings

My beautiful friend and very talented Allira produced all of my beautiful signage- so beautiful and such a pleasure to work with.

Band/ DJ: Scott and Jen from The Little Blackbird Duo.

If you need a band for any special event do yourself a favour and hire these guys. They are a beautiful couple. So accommodating and easy to deal with AND they are amazing singers. They performed at both venues and became our DJs later in the evening.

Other information for the girls out there:

My dress was a Johanna Johnson dress which I purchased secondhand from the website StillWhite because there is no way I could afford a brand new version and it was altered by the beautiful and very talented Lynette from Jerrabomberra Clothing Alterations at an extremely reasonable rate.

My shoes were from Nine West Outlet and the head piece was from America (let me know if you are interested in it as I will be selling it – selling my dress to if anyone is interested).

My hair was done by the very popular Missy from Missy’s Magic Styles….you better get in quick if you want her though she books out really quickly.

And the beautiful Jess Day saved the day and agreed to be my makeup artist at the very last minute – such a gem.

Flower Girls and Page Boys: The gorgeous flower girl dresses were made by the beautiful Rachel from Oneofakinda, their shoes were from Country Road and their headbands were from Kmart. The Page Boys were dressed in Bebe Clothing and Converse Shoes and Pumpkin Patch hats.

Cake and Desserts: My cake was made by a friend from work. Our desserts were made by family members and the ice cream was provided by Frugii Ice Cream

My advice for what it is worth…

…is go with your gut. Go with what you love but always try and bag yourself a bargain where you can. It’s one day, a special day, but it’s not worth getting into debt for it.

Oh and if you are thinking about a fantastic place for your honeymoon – I can highly recommend Tahiti.

Thank you to all the beautiful business owners, you made having a wedding fun and stress-free. Love your work!


12654237_689187664557010_1747638716837639224_n   ceremony051    ceremony161    ceremony181   IMG_1044   location035   reception055   receptionelements042

We’re back!

We’re back for an amazing 2016!

We’ve had a holiday,we are refreshed, inspired and energised…yahoo!  We hope you had a brilliant Christmas and are enjoying the beautiful weather with the people that mean the most to you.

You may have noticed we have been pretty quiet over the last month or so…well that’s because we got married, had a beautiful honeymoon and quite frankly just needed some time to get refreshed and energised for the next 12 months.

Now we are back and really excited about bringing you fun, fresh and inspiring content that will help you and the Canberra community create not only amazing events but beautiful memories for you, your friends and family.

A few new features that we will be launching this year include:

  • * ‘Under the Spotlight’ – Interviews with business owners giving you an insight into not just their businesses but also about them as individuals
  • * Features on real life weddings, parties and special events (if you have had a great event in the last 12 months or have one coming up we would LOVE to hear from you)
  • * ‘Love you Longtime’ – Interviews with couples who have been married for a significant amount of time, asking them about what their wedding was like, how they have celebrated since then, and how their marriage has survived when so many fail (if you know of any couples in the Canberra community that have been married for 20 or more years we would love to hear from you)
  • * Helpful blogposts from experts across all different fields
  • * Practical help for those who don’t find event planning easy or fun
  • * Lots of beautiful inspiration
  • * And heaps more!

Thank you so much for your support and if you haven’t yet liked our Facebook page or visited our website, why not come and say hi.

Also if you have any great ideas that you think would work on The Party Pages please contact us.  We would love to hear from you, please send us an email:!

May 2016 be an amazing year for us all!


The Party Pages

The Party Pages Colouring In Competition

The Party Pages has teamed up with some brilliant small Canberra businesses to provide
a fun colouring in competition with some fantastic prizes




  • Only one entry per person
  • Open to all ages
  • Entries must be submitted to by midnight 10 October 2015
  • The Judges decision is final

Prizes include:

  • Party Entertainer Package from Mollycoddle Parties valued at $200
    This includes: Entertainer in a chosen theme, storybook telling, craft, themed games with prizes, parachute time, bubbles, dancing and music
  • A medium sized cake from Little Miss Cupcake  for your next special event valued at $150
  • Hire of a fairy floss machine and 25 serves of fairy floss for your next special from Party Smarties to the value of $80
  • A $60 gift voucher from Serene Hairdressing
  • A reversible blue and red superhero cape and mask from Gracie Oliver Handmade valued at $35
  • Cheer Chick Charlie Book Pack valued at $33

Winter update – heaps of new businesses for you to check out

Well it’s well and truly winter in Canberra and I feel a little bit like this poor little guy.


And it’s also only 25 weeks until Christmas.  Where did the first six months of the year go?

There are some amazing new businesses that have joined The Party Pages in the last couple of weeks that we can’t wait to share with you….

392 The Gecko Gang – Children’s Parties and Corporate Entertainment Canberra Style! They will  give the kids an amazing time so you can relax and enjoy the fun



349 PartiArti – Offers a “readi-to-parti” box of pop-culture themed party goods that is      personalised to the occasion and individual that you wish to celebrate, along with an ideas  guide that saves you the hassle of searching for inspiration online.


342 True Blue Wedding Cars – True Blue Wedding Cars is Canberra’s most exciting and  affordable car hire business with high quality chauffeur driven Classic Cars for your Wedding  or School Formal, providing a pleasant experience and ensuring your journey is relaxed,  stress free and memorable.


353 The Paper Shed – Supplying all your invitation and accessory needs




287 Sueno Designs – From styling photo shoots and masterpiece candy buffets to creating a  magical atmosphere for your special day, Sueno Designs offers tailor made event styling  services to the Canberra region.



293 Berenice Devlin Civil Celebrant – Whatever the type of ceremony you are looking to plan it is  very important milestone in your life and as such should be just as you want it to be. Berenice  would be delighted to assist you in creating the ceremony that not only you, but your guests,  will long remember.



277 Lovely Events – A boutique event styling and management company who work with you to  create gorgeous, fun events that reflect you – your style, your love, your family and your joy.



380 Jindii EcoSpa – offers a large menu of exquisite and effective spa treatments using only the  finest in Australian, organic spa products.




284 Dovesaway Dove Releases – Canberra’s first professional white dove release business, whose  doves bring a special touch of serenity to add an amazing visual ending to your ceremony.




333 Winkk Event Styling – providing specialised end-to-end event styling and decorating.They  are a team of three great friends who strive to provide something unique for their client’s  special day.



303 Gina Callan Civil Marriage Celebrant – For a unique and joyful marriage, naming, renewal of  vow or commitment ceremony reflecting your particular personality, style, family and  culture, contact Gina at Licensed to Wed.



339 CaptaVitae Photography – A Canberra based photographer available for weddings, portraits  and events in Canberra and surrounding regions.




286 Hush Events – Canberra’s newest events team specialising in ladies nights and hens party  packages.




308 Shampagne Wedding Planning – the goal at Shampagne is to be that extra set of hands in  the wedding process, whatever that may be!




251 Donna Butler Civil Celebrant – a well loved civil celebration in the Canberra region.




357 Studio Knox – Creates memories by telling the story of your wedding day through beautiful  images




Don’t forget to check out all of the amazing businesses on The Party Pages and to like us on Facebook .

So glad you stopped by – please come again and let your friends know of this brilliant site – new businesses added every week!  Also if you know of any great businesses that you think would be great on our site we would love to hear from you (or them).

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The Party Pages has been up in lights in the Canberra new arena.  Here’s a quick summary in case you missed them….

Her Canberra

Not only have we had live ads on Her Canberra website for the past two weeks (designed by JEM Creative) but we have also had a really lovely write up written by Wendy Johnson.


Canberra Weekly

We ran ads in the last couple of magazines and we even had a nice full page write up on The Party Pages a few weeks ago.

photo          photo2


We have been running ads over the last couple of weeks to get our name out there.  We have added over 300 new ‘likers’ to our Facebook Page.  Our aim is to get to 1000 likes in the next three months.  We would love for you to spread the word and help us achieve our goal.

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